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About OUTbio

OUTbio is the biotech industry’s largest LGBTQ professionals group.

Our mission is to empower the LGBTQ community and its allies in

biotechnology and affiliated industries. Founded in 2015 and

incorporated as a non-profit in 2019, OUTbio has over 1,200

members across all facets of biotech.


Why biotech? Why Boston?

Biotech encompasses a vast range of technologies, but in Boston, Massachusetts it largely means drug development. The medicines of tomorrow are being discovered and developed within a few square miles where several key factors overlap to make the world’s leading biomedical innovation hub: incredible science in both academic and industry labs, expert venture capital, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and an incredibly specialized workforce with a thriving LGBTQ community.


OUTbio was founded to empower that community and be an advocate for it. The organization has focused on partnering with biotech and pharma organizations to host monthly events with a mix of networking and a variety of relevant topics to educate and provoke discussion. You can read more about OUTbio’s beginnings and mission in this Xconomy article. OUTbio’s founder, Ramsey Johnson, won the inaugural Xconomy Award for Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in 2018.


Our Mission

Empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer professionals in the drug development industry through networking, education, advocacy, professional development and peer support.

We Need Your Support Today!


Mentoring with OUTbio

OUTbio is looking to facilitate introductions between highly experienced professionals interested in providing mentees with career and professional guidance within the biotech industry. If you are either a prospective mentor or mentee, email to provide details of the areas you’re seeking (or providing) guidance within, and we will endeavor to find a match. This activity is in its early stages.

Team OUTbio

Team OUTbio currently consists of the founding Board, who are volunteers from across the industry excited to drive OUTbio’s mission to empower the LGBTQ community and its allies in biotechnology and affiliated industries. 

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