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About Jake Benoit: 

Jake Benoit is the recipient of our scholarship for 2023.


He is a senior at Harvard studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, and he works in Prof. Richard Lee's lab. He is a member of a unique project researching how the protein ARRDC4 affects blood sugar regulation—a potential key to understanding and treating diabetes.


As he prepares to apply to medical school, Jake envisions a future not only of pioneering drug research as a physician-scientist but also of championing LGBTQ+ healthcare needs.

We are delighted to award Jake with our scholarship this year! Congratulations Jake! 


OUTbio’s recipient of our 2023 Scholarship is Jake Benoit

OUTbio's recipient of our inaugural 2022 Scholarship:
Sage Widder 

Sage is a Newton South High School graduate and plans to attend Wellesley College, majoring in biochemistry with an Art/Art History minor. We are delighted to award this scholarship based on Sage’s strong academic credentials, LGBTQ advocacy, and leadership in science.  


Sage was the co-captain of her high school’s varsity science team, placing well in events such as the Massachusetts Science Olympiad and Envirothon. She participated as a math and science tutor in her school’s tutor programs and outside school.   Additionally, she was the co-president of her high school’s Gay Student alliance leading in educational programs to increase the visibility of LGBTQ youth.   She’s an artist with an established portfolio utilizing her paints and pigments and was commissioned to do an art installation for Newton Community Pride, and has also worked on set design for South Stage.  


Notably, Sage has applied her artistic interests to science education via her research interest in understanding how the accuracy of artistic representations of viruses and biological processes impact students' learning and influence our scientific understanding of these biological systems.

Sage has strong science and math qualifications and brings a unique artistic perspective. She has worked to increase LGBTQ+ awareness and intends to pursue an advanced scientific degree.   We are delighted to award Sage with our scholarship this year! Congratulations, Sage! 

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