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Creating safer communities for transgender people

Co-hosted by PFLAG and Moderna Therapeutics, this virtual session mixed educational content and personal narratives for an insightful and memorable introduction to transgender issues, terminology, and stories.

July 7, 2020: Over 140 participants joined OUTbio's first entirely virtual session on July 30, 2020. We'd taken some time to regroup on how to proceed with operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and identified this as the perfect opportunity to kick-off a new virtual event series. It was also the public debut of our first website - right here at

Members of PFLAG Greater Boston joined us to talk through key information to equip people to engage knowledgeably with trans topics and issues. The broad-ranging session overviewed trans history, definitions, terminology, language, myths and ways to be advocates.

A recording of the session can be viewed here. The password is: .3Kr488s.

For more information you can find PFLAG Greater Boston at:

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